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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pearl Izumi Pure Run 2008 Series 2

Originally, didn't want to do this run so didn't sign up when the registration opened and didn't do the first 12km run in Bedok. But than hor somebody garang decided to sign up the whole gang and dragged me in as well. In the end, for our first run in this series, only 3 turned up. The rest went to fly aeroplane:)

There was a small crowd maybe around 300 to 400 runners only. This is what I call a no frill run. One small gazebo, 1 ending point and that was it at the start point at Kallang Riverside Park. The women was flagged off first followed around 10 minutes later by the men. Only 2 categories - Men and Ladies. No veteran:(.

I started off together with Sebas who had decided to come out of his self imposed retirement and doing his first 20km run in like 2 years? Also with us was Sleek00000. We were doing something like 6.30 pace but was shocked when we reached the 2km marker and my watch showed only 8+ minutes. Okay what else is new? Distance marker off the mark. That seems to be the common feature of all Singapore's organised race. Wondered whether it is the same overseas?

The route itself was rather unusual. We were running around in circle around the Kallang basin area and even have to cross the overhead bridge across Nicoll Highway twice. Fortunately, the weather was kind to us today and despite the very runner unfriendly route, everything went smoothly. The organisation was good. There was adequate water and road marshall and despite the complicated twist and turns of the route, nobody got lost.

I ran the first half in about 55 minutes which was rather surprising since I didn't think that I was going that fast. Jodan later informed that based on his Garmin 405, the distance was spot on at the 10km mark. I ended the race in a whooping almost PB time of 1:44:02, almost because it wasn't 20km. That I was quite sure. Don't need any Garmin or marker to tell me. Probably 18.5km at most. So no PB:( Another common feature of our local run - inaccurate distance!

Stayed back for the lucky draw. M and myself we had amassed almost 10 bibs from those who had left earlier but unfortunately not a single win. So sad. Nevertheless I enjoyed the race and kudos to the people at Key Power for their efficiency. Try to improve on the distance accuracy for the last run though.

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