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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Swing KPE

Probably the one and only chance to run in the KPE so when the run was announced, quickly signed up just for the experience. And what a 'run' it turned out to be. Sighed........

It started well enough. There was no parking facilities near the start point so the organiser kindly provided free transport from Tampines & Kovan MRT. Reached Tampines MRT at around 7am and didn't have to wait long to board the bus. Reached the KPE in less than 10 mins. Bummed into a few sgrunners and a group of 'siow kia' who called themselves Fatbird but I looked left, looked right, looked up and looked down, didn't see any guy who was fat or any bird:) They had tied this rope around themselves and looked like were preparing to run tied together!

Anyway M and me we tried to move forward past the 5km fun crowd. I slipped and I think twisted my ankle while coming off a kerb. Back then, I didn't think much about it. Anyway, the race was flagged off and I started slowly. M had already moved off ahead. At the front, there was a Bangra group playing some musical instruments, music etc and it seems like a real fun race. They even switched off the lights along part of the tunnel I think for the purpose of the lantern walk which was part of the 5km fun run.

Back to the running, about 2 km down, I managed to overtake M but than the nagging feeling on the ankle had started to intensified into shooting pain. At the 3km mark, my watch showed 15.20m but the pain was starting to bother me. I continued until the water point at around the 4.5km mark and stopped for a drink and to my horror discovered that when I tried to resume running, the pain was so sharp that I couldn't even walk properly let alone run. With another 5.5km to go and not willing to make it worse, I decided to discontinue the run and start to walk. I was hopping to hop into an ambulance to take me back but there wasn't any in sight until after 8km. Got them to give me a pain relief spray but it didn't help. With 2km to go, decided to continue walking and eventually finished in a record time of 1 hour 32min!

Collected the goodie bag. For a free run, this must be one of the best deal around.
On top of the t-shirt which we collected last week, the goodie bag contains 3 packet of instant noodle, 1 sports drink, 1 lantern, 1 pen, 1 fridge magnet, 1 water bottle, 1 body sticker and 1 face towel! Very good deal.

What wasn't so good was the ride home. Queued up for 1hour 20mins to board the bus back to Tampines.

Sigh... now icing the ankle. Hopefully it is just a minor sprain otherwise...

1 comment:

  1. hope your ankle is OK....

    u should have taken the bus from the busstop nearby to get back...

    I agreed that this goodie bags is much better than those paid running events