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Monday, September 08, 2008

Running with M

As most of those who have a full time running spouse (read: lady spouse) will attest - running with the spouse is oh... so bitter sweet.

I have been running together with M for the past years and while most time I look forward to running together as a time of bonding, sometime it can be nerve wrecking.
Just like yesterday. I wanted to do our lsd by running from home in Simei to ECP via the Bedok PCN and from there to Changi Coastal Run and than Loyang Ave and back to Simei. She didn't want to run along the side of the road and prefer just running up and down the ECP. To me, doing a 28km up and down ECP was not my cup of tea. It is so boring. In the end we compromised, from ECP to Changi Beach and back. And that is one hell of a monotonous and tortuous routes. But what to do? And that is the problem for most of the runs that we do together.

I love to run new routes, routes that do not entail going up and down the same old path and I will travel all over Singapore just to run. She prefer to just do her runs on the same old familiar places. Next, her speed and my speed are vastly different (for the time being). Run too fast on unfamiliar or dark area, she makes noise. So have to run side by side with her. Run side by side, too fast also she makes noise (give her pressure) too slow I suffer. Also, cannot talk to her too much. No words of encouragement, no advice. Do so at own risk.

Most time, we get to solve the problem by running with her friends. She can run with them at her own pace and I can run on my own. And also because they are all staying in different part of sg, I get to run at different places. But sometime it is not possible to get that many friends to run together especially now that we are doing more long runs.

So no choice got to stick with it. But having said all that, that's not to say I don't like running with her. I thinks it's great that we can get to do our running together cos this has helped our relationship grow stronger and stronger. Just need to learn to keep my mouth shut while running and slowly 'cyclo' her to run all the funny routes that I like to run.


  1. tekko, i couldn't help but burst out laughing! no offence, but think tk share your sentiments -- about the cannot talk too much part. Hmmm, y guys like to chat during run??!

  2. Hi XDD,
    Ladies gossip all the time but we guys must pretend to be able to do small talk when running to show that we are running easy at talking pace:)

    It's a macho thing u know!

  3. Great post Tekko! Can understand and identify with much of what you wrote. Overall, I think it is great for spouses to run together. The shared moments are very meaningful, be they engaging conversations or quiet appreciation of the surroundings. Of course, running together should be done not out of necessity, but out of volition; and certainly not always, but often :p

  4. Interesting post!

    I can so imagine myself having almost identical reactions as ur wifey. Got to let us concentrate on our strides and also quietly BEO the hunks who run pass mah! ;p

    Maybe thats why B and I never run together (also he is too fast for me la)!?

  5. hello, just visiting...must run together (ie side by side) meh? Like this impede each other's development leh. Run at own pace, but meet up at a pre=determined place. that is still bonding mah.