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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Borneo Marathon Pre Race

Decided to go to Likas Sports Complex on Saturday afternoon to collect the race kit. There didn't seem to be any public transport there at all and so we had to settle for a taxi. Goodness me, it cost RM18 from our hotel to reach there. Why have the race kit collection in such an ulu area?

There were hardly any people there so collection was a breeze. And than the shocker came for M. They had run out of female size singlet! We couldn't understand why but the puzzle was solved later during race day. M got very upset and so we went to look for Shan, the very nice lady coordinator and requested that she gave us the t-shirt on the mannequin instead. Unfortunately, nobody seem to know who was in charge of the mannequin or for that matter the t-shirt distribution so in the end M had no choice but to settle for the oversized man size singlet. The goodie bag was quite miserable. 1 small shopping bag sponsored by HSBC, 1 voucher for the pasta dinner, 1 discount voucher for some spa treatment, the race info, number tag and timing chip and of course the singlet.

Met Jenap aka Harmoni aka Catwoman at the collection. She was going back for the pasta dinner. We had decided to skip the free pasta dinner considering that there was nothing to do around the stadium area.

Waited for a while but no taxi came along until a couple came in a cab for the collection and we gratefully jumped in and adjourned to 1Borneo.

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