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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Shoes Laces Locking System

I am a lazy guy and I also don't particularly relish tying shoes laces halfway into a run which is why I got all these shoe laces tying thingy.

Lock Laces: This one I have been using for a long time. Convenient once tied, there is no need to do any further adjustments. It is pretty cheap too at around $12.00 but comes in only a few boring colors. The main disadvantage of this otherwise easy to use product is that adjusting the laces to fit different thickness of socks or a ankle guard can be a nightmare. Also, I am never comfortable with just yanking off the shoes after run without loosening the laces.

Yankz Laces: This one comes in many beautiful colors with a fair bit of them in luminous color. And I got the shoes to match! It is also reasonably priced at around $15.00 but I don't really like its way of tying the laces together. Make the whole thing seem so messy. Also, like the lock laces system, it is hard to get the correct fit especially if we use different thickness of socks. Adjusting the laces can be a messy affairs.

Boa Lacing system
: This come comes with the shoes and so cannot be purchased separately. Of the lot, this is the most neat and easiest to use. Just twist the knob at the back of the shoe to tighten and pull to loosen. But somehow, the lace will become looser after running longer distance - maybe that is deliberately built in to suit long distance running where the foot expand?

And finally my favourite.

Lace Lock: At $1.50, this no brand cheap and good device and can be fitted onto any lace. Just loop the lace through the hole and pull and the lace is tightened. To release, just press the 2 parts and the lace is loosen. So the shoe lace can be tied normally, adjust to fit different thickness of socks etc and best of all, it comes in many colours to fit any color shoes.


  1. Hi, came across ur blog in SGRunners forum. :D

    was wondering where you purchased the $1.50 Lace Lock?

    thanks a million!


  2. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for dropping by. I got it from a sports shop at Marina Square. Can't remember its name but it is on the 2nd floor just before the bowling alley and cinemas.

  3. Hi! thanks for your help! i'll be sure to check it out when i'm there. :D

    Have a great day!