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Thursday, December 25, 2008

78 and counting

After 2 weeks of slacking and holidaying, finally I gain 2 whole kg! Unlike most people I know who are forever trying to lose weight, even if they are stick and bone thin, me on the other hand have been trying to put on weight for the past year but so far have not been successful until now. Guess my calorie intake all the while is still less than burn rate.

I am not really skinny by most standard and Alicia recently commented my stomach can jiggle :) so why am I trying to put on weight? Cos I'm vain. Ha ha ha! Somebody said I looked better with a little bit more flesh on my face so I gonna have to try and put on another 2 more kg to cap it at 80kg which will mean a BMI of 24.4 and into the moderately at risk group!

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