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Friday, December 12, 2008

New Route

With the regular lead runners and volunteers missing this evening, it was left to me to run the show and again I opt to go for a new route. This time round with a smaller group of runners and only 2 new runners who looked very competent I was sure it would be easier to get everybody to run the distance without as some people said "go holland"

We run up river past Central Mall and along the usual route (in reverse) along the river until we came to Jiak Kim St. Exiting there, cross Kim Seng Rd to the other side running underneath Block 88 before crossing Zion Road and continuing along the river park connector all the way to Tanglin Road. Once away from the maddening crowd along Clark Quay, the rest of the route was a breeze to run. With several straight path, this will be a good place for the fast runners to challenge each other and maybe even do interval.

Total distance 1 way according to Maymyrun is 4.5km although most of the runners felt the whole distance should be around 10km. I took 10:07 running as sweeper so I also reckoned it should be closer to 10km.

Anyway, here is the route.

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