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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Save bus fare run

Sent the car for service at Ubi and since got time to kill, decided to run back home instead of taking public transport. This Uncle's guesstimaton getting very bad. Thought the distance to be around 15km. Also thought after the rain, weather should be fine. Wrong on both counts.

Immediately after the rain, the sun came out and it was as if it had not rained at all. Hot and humid + slippery floors. Not very good combination for a run especially since I started at 9am. No energy to run fast so did jogging pace run. My suppposingly '15km' run turned out to be only half the distance measuring 7.4km on Google map. And I ran faster than I thought. Almost 45mins which with the numerous traffic stops wasn't too bad.

Maybe should run back there to collect the car?c

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