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Monday, June 29, 2009


So less than 2 weeks and I gave up on my run break. Not that my shin splint or whatever it is is gone but the itch was there and you know when you have an itch, it is so terribly unbearable and you got to scratch and scratch until it goes away?

On Thurs, it just so happened that there was no newbies to accompany; everybody know the way and the constant companion was not around - not that it matter anyway since her friends were around - and so I was left free to run at my own pace. So of course instead of doing a jog like last week, went on to do a faster run (fast by my standard anyway).

Followed that up with a Saturday morning run with friends from the forum and since I was on a running spree, continued the next afternoon with a run from home to the Tampines MBT park. The second time that I am wearing the Adidas Exerta since I bought it. Must say it responded very well over the rocky grounds. So okay no regrets about buying it.

Total mileage for the week - 31 km and I thought the most I will be doing this week would be 8km.

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