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Thursday, July 09, 2009

18 mins

Sunday rest, Monday weights, Tuesday bike, so far so good and .......... Wednesday run.

Aaargh just 3 days - so much for resolve. But anyway it was for a 'good' cause.

Came home intending to go for a swim but the Princess out of the blue said she wants to go running! Now that was a big surprise. Granted she has been running on and off; training for various school events but if I remember the last time she ran was before the school holidays so for her to announce she wants to run was really a big thing.

So of course since the Mummy was still not back yet, this old man had to accompany her. Anyway I figure it was only going to be a short easy run so shouldn't cause much damage. But first, a quick application of Eagles heat rub on the leg to mask the pain and off we go. But still the pain shoots through with every landing although it gradually got 'better' (actually I think I got use to it since this is level 4 so still bearable).

But now I'm paying the price for it - for 18 mins of pure silly folly :(

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