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Friday, July 17, 2009

SCSM 2009 Launch

Yesterday went to kaypoh at the launch of the SCSM 2009 at Raffles Place since just walking distance from the office. Surprised to see the long queue and in the hot noon day sun. Er these people no need to work or never hear of on line registration is it? For the goodie bag? Only for first 500 and there were definitely more than 500 in the queue which mean no chance for those behind so why waste time? Anyway, still being the kaypoh, me went and stop a stranger and asked to look at his goodie bag which contains a shoe bag, a towel, a Nature Valley bar, Berocca vitamin sample packs and of course lots of brochure. Hmmmh, heard last year there was Adidas cap, wrist band, towel, water bottle ++. So this year pales in comparison.

The Team Fatbird were out in full force. Must really hand it to these gals & guys.They are everywhere. Their zeal and energy amazes me. This time round they are helping the Community Chest to canvass for runners for the Run for a Cause. So if anyone reading this is doing the marathon, please do consider doing a little bit for charity. Other peeps I met were the Star of Sgrunners, Mr Megahunk IMD with his Mrs, Catwoman aka Skeleton lady aka Ah Lian aka Harmoni aka ...... They were there and got free registration because they were part of the famous 150. Also saw Fabulous136 queuing in the middle of the queue; Sleek (almost right in front already) and some other regulars from the RL run.

Since this year got a new apparel sponsor, decided to check out the design of the event tee but was disappointed that it was not on display. And I was going to base my decision on whether to run on the design of the event t or if, and that is a big IF, the finisher T is really cool, then I will consider signing up for the full but unfortunately since nothing was displayed, too bad, I think I give this a pass.


  1. Hey Tekko,
    it was nice seeing you and Molly too...and thanks for your support and invite for runners to do their bit for charity.

    You too can consider joining RFAC (there is no minimum requirement to raise) and get a finisher sense of satisfaction that probably will outstrip any finisher T :)

    Best Regards,
    Team FatBird

  2. Hi Dream, I decided I am not doing the SCSM this year