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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Got hope

So after 3 weeks of enforced slacking, went back to running this week starting from Thursday. Original intention was not to run until this weekend but was at RL Funan on Thursday and there were a few newcomers. So no choice got to set good example and ran along. But did only 5km in a slow slow time of 38+ mins and came away unscathed.

So that gave me hope.

Today did a longer run - The legs like rusty especially the right knee. So stiff. Couldn't get the engine going throughout and was constantly about 20 metres behind M. Gave up after 10km.

But I am glad I did this run. The shin was fine throughout although it is a little sore now. The PF is not likely to go away in the short term but should be manageable with regular stretching and icing. The nerve problem seems to have been resolved with the constant massaging and icing. But most important of all, I think I knew the cause of the problems.

All this while I had been wearing my orthotics insole for runs but in recent months have stopped using them. No reasons. Just plain lazy to switch them around the shoes. So thinking back, I never had any problems until recently. The nerve problem was probably caused by the under sized Saucony Phoenix 3 and the PF the Saucony Fastwitch. And the shin splint - well once the running goes haywire, that is sure to follow.

Hopefully I am right in my suspicion. Today run was wearing TNF Arnuva Boa with the orthotics insole and I could run without any problems except of course my lack of fitness. Hopefully, this will solve the problems. If not, looks like I will continue with my extended slacking and go fat cos when I slack, I gonna eat chocolates. loads and loads of them.

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