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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to the Doc

Finally I get to see a doctor for my foot but the appointment date was so far out by the time it comes around, with the rest that I been getting, the good doc pronounced that since it was healing, to just wait and see. Sigh so was it a waste of money?

But anyway, my intention was to see whether the doctor at the SMC could figure out why all the injuries were on one leg. But after pushing touching and bending the leg, the only things she could say was that it seems to be okay and she couldn't find anything wrong and recommended a gait analysis to see whether it was due to my running gait.

Oh she did said the shin problem was probably stress facture and not shin splint but there was no point in doing an x-ray at this juncture since it appears to be healing.

Okay so I going back to do a gait analysis but only after the ankle has fully heal. And Mr Philip, if you are reading this, remember to make my video 'shwee shwee'. Can add sound effect or not:)

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