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Monday, August 17, 2009

Singapore Bay Run/Army Half Marathon 2009

Darned I should have just ran the damn race. I abstained because I wasn't in tip top shape and has this silly notion that what must be done must be done well or else don't do. So I didn't run and what did I ended with with trying to take pictures of my friends? A busted ankle! Serve me right.

Anyway, 70,000 people did ran making it the largest run event in Sg. So I guess the organiser for the SCSM will want to do something to better that? M was one of those who ran even though like me she wasn't fully prepared and her mileage was low. She lazy bum; I don't run, she also don't run. Weather was good. Got almost 6 minutes extra time of cooler weather since the race was flagged off earlier than 5.30am the scheduled flag off time. I think she did around 2hours 7mins - not an improvement but I supposed that was the best considering her recent stress level so high.

Me also had a difficult time taking photographs. Never knew photo taking can be so frustrating. When the elite runners came back, it was still too late and I had to use flash. But the flash recharge was too slow and I couldn't snap continuously. Also, the auto focus didn't work well because of the dim lighting and I couldn't use manual since the runners were running all over the place. By the time the sun came out, the main group of runners were back and it was extremely tedious trying to look out for friends. By the time I spot someone, they are either too close or blocked by somebody else so in the end, a lot of the photos came out blur or the faces were blocked rendering the picture useless. Sianz, I think I should stick back to running.

Okay back to the SBR/AHM. By all account, it was a well organised race except for the flag off screw up which I noticed was the same for the non-competitive 21km as well. So either my watch is running on kerosene or the General's watch is on supersonic battery. There were drummers, stilt walkers, Transformers and belly dancers (anybody got pic?) as part of the support. Never heard any complain about drinks etc. Probably the only bad thing was the goodie bag. This one really sucks. Some Salonpas sample, the event tee and that's about it. Some people had the race booklet but both of us didn't get it in our pack.

At the end, met up with the large group of Sgrunners and Team Fatbird for a group photo. Here is my take + more on Facebook

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