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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Tale of 2 Nikes

Finally got a chance to try out the Nike Lunarglide. But first, a change of shoe laces. Tadah!

Did a short 5km run. The Nike Lunarglide is sort of like a 'rojak' shoe - not a full stability shoe neither a cushioning shoe or even a midfoot shoe. It is a jack of all type of shoe suppose to be suitable for everyone. Its come with flywire and a new lunarlite material which replaces the previous lunarlite material on the Lunar. It has what Nike calls Nike Natural Motion Engineering support and dynamic support system that is supposed to give a better running experience (whatever that means) and better cushioning and support. Read more here.

Of course, I got to spoilt it all by putting in my insole which makes the shoes loses its flexibility and hinder its 'ability' to adapt to my feet. But still, I felt the cushioning was good as compared to the trial pair I worn at Bedok Reservoir when we ran on softer ground. The width appears to be a nice fit as well as I don't feel the side of the big toes hurting (as compared to the Lunar) but the verdict is still out on this until I try longer runs.

Meanwhile, just on this run alone, I am pretty satisfied with the shoes considering its price or rather what I paid for it.

Also, for this run, I finally managed to put in the Nike+ sensor into a Nike shoes. The Nike+ sportsband have so far proven to be trouble free but I don't really wear it for every run so I am not too sure whether it will last the distance. Anyway in terms of accuracy - after a second calibration, it has been very accurate. Take this run for instance. The Nike+ capture the distance at 5.14km. My plotted route at Runningahead shows 5.16km and finally based on the distance markers on the PCN ground the distance is around 5km so I would say the Nike+ is almost 95% accurate which is fairly good for a cheap pedometer based equipment.

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