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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Self Test

Have not been running hard for the past months preferring to just do easy runs. However, on a cool starry starry night this week, decided to see how far I progressed (or rather deteriorated) and went to Tampines Stadium with the Kid to do a 2.4km time trial.

The Kid started off first with me about 10metres behind but soon he was like 50 metres ahead while I was still struggling to get into the feel of the run. The legs got heavier and heavier, the breathing more and more chuang and I was like - 2 laps gone - 4 more to go....dying dying. The Kid by then was about 200 metres ahead and I was like shit when is this torture going to end. In the end, I finished the 2.4km in 11:55mins. And almost throw up. So pathetic! But on a brighter note - if I was in the army I would have got gold liao!

Having completed week 5 of my 100 push up/200 sit up challenge (I skipped week 1 & 2 and started on week 3) it was time for another self test.

So I started with the push up first. The requirement, at least 45 which should be easy since the last rep for day 3 week 5 was 50. But hell I collapsed after 40. Okay blame the run for affecting me. So after 3 hours of rest at 11pm, tried again. This time went 1 better - 30 only and the arms started screaming. Ha ha no excuse this time and now got to repeat week 5.

Fortunately, the sit up test went much smoother. The requirement was min 75 and I doubled it! Well almost. 140 to be exact. How about that!

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