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Sunday, February 28, 2010

U by Nuun

Before February, I have never tried any electrolytes drink that comes in a water soluble tablet form, yet this month alone I had the opportunity to try not one but 2 different brand of tablet electrolytes. The first one was the Nathan Catalyst and now I have this 'U' produced by the people at Nuun,

I was at the Athlete's Circle last Thursday to collect some stuff for a friend and the friendly people there just gave me a tube absolutely free. Why? Not because they know me or wanted me to write a review but simply because it was near its expiry date! Ha ha beggar can't me chooser so I happily accepted with thanks. Anyway, I figured I will have finished it way before its expiry date of 03/10 (does it mean 1st day or last day of March?).

I shall not go into the mumbo jumbo part of the tablet. You can read it all here on its website but what I think matter most is the taste. Because no matter how powerful it is, if it don't taste good, nobody ain't going to buy it especially since it cost $16.00 for a tube of 16 tablets.

The tube that I have was the Tangerine Ginger flavour one. After my run at RL, I passed it around and at the same time popped 2 tablets into a bottle of 500ml mineral water even though the instruction was 1 tablet to 500ml of water. Hey, I figured after the Nathan Cataylst experience, I better made sure it taste all right. The tablets took a long time to dissolve unlike the usual vitamin tablets and disappointingly after the wait, it was just as bad as the Nathan Cataylst. Okay, I supposed that's what you get when no artificial anything is added to it.

On Saturday morning run at MR, I popped in 2 more tablets to a bottle of water and drank from it as we made our way through 14km of trail. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the pace or maybe it was actually the tablet effect, but I thought I didn't felt so tired although the legs were heavy from going up and down the slopes.

Last test was when I dropped 5 into a container of half water, half grapefruit juice and plenty of ice and the result - a tangy icy drink which didn't taste half bad.

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