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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Death Wish

Many of the people in the endurance sport community seem to have a death wish or maybe they are just enjoying living life on the edge.

I was astonished when I read in one of the forum that some participants of triathlon actually do not know how to tread water! To simple me, surely that must be the first thing one should know before going out into the deep blue sea. I mean, if we run or cycle and become tire, we can simply stop but for swimming, the only stop is to thread water and if one cannot thread water and there is no safety ropes or buoy to hold on it, then how?

Also, some people seems to enjoy pushing themselves right to the limit. Some people with some medical problems, may be flu or some thing or worse heart problems - they continue to train hard and compete in events. While the attitude is admirable, unless one is aiming for podium finish, if not, is there really any need to push so hard? Even the pro knows when to quit - take Chris McCormack when he dropped out of the China Ironman recently even though he was in 2nd position at that point in time!

And then there are the cyclists. Just looking at them ride along Changi Coastal, Loyang Ave and Mandai Road gives me nightmare. It is bad enough that our motorists regards cyclists as road kill but for the cyclists to contribute to the statistics themselves...

I think while we enjoyed the challenge, we have to be responsible to our loved ones, our family and owe it to them to take care of ourselves when we train and participate in such events. Even if not married and with no children to worry about, there is always the parents.

So to all my friends, please take care. Whether you are doing a short race/bike or swim, a triathlon or an ironman, think of all those who depend on you and need you. There is nothing to gain or prove by completing in such events if one is not adequately trained for it or is sick or not feeling well.

There will always be another race, another day!

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