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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Metta Charity Run 2010

Being a residence in the estate where the Metta school is located, when I heard about the Metta Charity Run, the first thought was to sign up for it. But there were already so many races nowadays and I didn't really feel like doing so many. So I did the next best thing and signed up as a volunteer.

Managed to rope in another 7 liked minded soul and we dutifully trooped down to the race this morning. The organiser had promised breakfast for us and being a Buddhist organisation, we had expected a vegetarian breakfast but surprisingly it was McDonald breakfast. But then again, none of us took it. I hope they didn't throw it away though.

Our role was sort of roving marshal where we had to run with the participants and look out for any injuries etc. By race size, this was a small event - maybe around a 1000 participants. What was most gladdening was to see many runners of other races participating in essentially a Buddhism driven event. There was a 10 km category and a 5km category and we split ourselves into 4 groups each covering 1.25km (2.5km 2 ways). There were some special needs children from Metta School who took part and it was good to see them working out a sweat to complete the run.

It was a simple affair. A straight forward route to NSRCC and back. There was some water points along the way and at the end, JJ drinks, water, banana and Milo! There was also some stalls selling foods which runners could get for free with their coupon on the bib otherwise it was just $1. Everybody gets a goodie bag including us which comes with a motoring magazine, a 7-Up cap, a bottle of pomegranate drink, a bottle of mineral water, a small raisin pack and a pack of tissue paper.

I enjoyed myself running up and down my sector and cheering the participants + take some pictures of course. Hopefully there will be more meaningful races where I can volunteered my services again.

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  1. Thanks for your valuable feedback!Great to hear you had enjoyed the event!

    As for the breakfast, we did have vegetarian breakfast in addition to the Macs breakfast. As we have volunteers coming from all races and religions, we have to take into consideration not all are vegetarians. Thus the need for us to cater non-vegetarian breakfast too! Our sincere apologies that you did not pick up the vegetarian packs....and we hope to have your continuous support!