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Sunday, June 06, 2010

X-Trail Challenge 2010

Another event where I instead of participating I was there to kaypoh. That's seem to be the norm nowadays but even if I want to, wouldn't have been able to take part since this was for teens. Actually kena driver again otherwise could have been sound asleep in bed.

This was a small little event in the Western part of Singapore at the Chinese Garden for teenager. And since I couldn't do, the Princess was my proxy! Ha ha ha. She managed to rope in another 7 school mates to form 4 teams.

The event consists of a series of activities starting with a run which included some 'obstacles' such as jumping over sticks and running up the Pagoda. This was followed by kayaking round the lake and scooping up some plastic bottles.

Two of her schoolmates came in 10th. Unfortunately, they could have fare better instead I guess due to poor marshalling, they went the wrong direction!

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