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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brooks Launch

Went out and got this beauty for $69.90 a real steal nevermind that it is 1 season too old.

Have been contemplating one of those minimalist shoes but there doesn't seem to be a lot in the market and wasn't too sure whether such shoes can see me through the lsd. The Brooks Launch is supposed to be one of the minimalist shoes in Brooks range and was the best debuted shoes in Runner's Worlds  Winter 2010 guide. This is a light weight trainer that is supposed to provide 'just enough cushioning' whatever that is. More of its specs here.

Anyway, reviews here and here of the Brooks Launch doesn't seem so bad so can try try. Of course, the key selling point is its color. And how did it respond on the road?

I took it out for a 15km run on Saturday. First impression it was extremely light. The cushioning was good and it absorb a lot of the impact from the ball of the foot. Usually if I was running with the Saucony Fastwtich or Zoots Ultra, I would have feel the sole burning within 5km. So there are some advantage to a thickened cushioned sole. The toe head was a bit narrow though cos I could feel some friction between the big and 2nd toe. Or was it due to the way the laces were tied (I went with the original lacing straight out of the box) or the new Nike socks that I was wearing. The shoe was also not as flexible as I like but still I think I did managed to get some mid foot running out of it. It feels like the Nike Lunar and I think it is a close comparison. Overall, I am pretty please with it considering its price. This shall be my training shoes for all the long runs.

Date of Purchase: 15 October 2010

Cost: $69.90

Purchased from: Sportslink White Sands

Worn in races:

4 Dec 2011 Angkor Wat Half Marathon

Retired: 22 April 201

Total Mileage: 579km

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