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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shoes for Barefoot Running

Actually what an oxy moron - barefoot how come got shoes? But I am still in the stage of enjoying short runs san shoes but still need some sort of foot protection. My Tyr booties is almost worn out after and I need another replacement. Unfortunately, they are no longer on offer so I am left with not much options.

Most of my friends who like me still need some sort of shoes have got the Vibram Five Fingers. But I think they are very very ugly and over priced too. So despite this being the most obvious choice, it will not be my choice of footwear for any time to come.

This next pair is something I been eyeing for some time. This is the Terra Plana Evo Vivo barefoot shoes for barefoot running. It is available in Singapore at Mandarin Gallery and Ion. Can't remember the shop name but at $229, it is a bit too pricey. Unfortunately this one got no lobang for discount. How about if the distributor whoever you are? Sponsor me a pair and I do a very very nice review? :)

Most likely I will get this pseudo barefoot shoes from Nike. The Nike Run Free. The sole is not as thin but it is fairly flexible. It sells for S$169.00 which means I can hopefully pull some strings and get it at a decent discount but if not I go to Queensway I can get it for at least 20% lesser.

These next 2 are trail shoes but I reckoned if they ever reach our shore, should be suitable for road running as well. First on my wish list is the Merrell Trail Glove. This one is created by Merrell with Vibram so should be a good alternative to the VFF. Hopefully, Royal Sporting House will bring it in soon.

Finally, the one that a lot of people are anticipating  the New Balance MT101. Hopefully, the local agent for NB will bring it in. They didn't bring in the MT100. And hopefully, it comes in my size.
Er, anybody want to be Santa Claus to me? 

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  1. I personally like Vibram Five Fingers and New Balance shoes. I bought these shoes last three months ago and so far, so good. I love it. In fact, I customize them by adding some cool designs and colors to make it look like a signature shoes. Check out the photos here.