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Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to Lose Weight the Cheapo Way - Part 1

Actually I wrote about this before. But from time to time I hear friends. mainly the ladies, talking about losing weight, which left me baffled since most of them are not obese or even mildly fat!

Anyway, I thought it will be idea to rehash some cheapo i.e. low cost ways to lose weight and most important of all, for those who do not exercise - without any need to do any real exercise, although frankly some exercises will help tremendously. By the way, I am neither a dietitian or nutritionist. I am also not a medical doctor not even of the quack variant. So what makes me think I am qualify to dish this? As most old fogeys will said "I eat salt more than you eat rice" so that should ably qualify me. So here goes:

1. Those fancy diet plans dreamed up by the angmohs do not work. Not in the long run anyway. Forget about such diets as Atkin, Zone, South Bridge and what's not. Nothing works. And you won't get to enjoy life if you stick to these extreme plans. What do you live life for? To eat, drink and be merry. And if you can't do the former, what is the point of living?

2. Those expensive diet or food supplement do not work. Things like the Xando, TrimUp  or even those weight loss tea, coffee, diuretic pills only help you to lose water, maybe some oil or is a meal replacement at most. Why eat such tasteless stuff when you can eat real food? And have a lot of change left over!

3. Don't go for those slimming programs by those so called beauty parlours or clinic. The most they do is help you lose some water which you will gain back at the next meal. I am constantly amazed at the people who put in money to be wrapped up like a mummy, soaked in a tub like a rubber duckie or lighted up with fire on their stomach hoping for a miracle. Fat chance! They could just as easily do it at home without fattening the wallets of these contrepreneur.

So forget all these. Better to save the money and give half of it to me errr go for a holiday and have a nice meal.

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