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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Not the Usual Trail Shoes

In recent years, there has been a lot more interest in trail running and the various manufacturers have been coming up with more and more trail shoes catering for the highly technical trail to the all terrain and to minimalist too. However, most of them have yet to reach our shores.

Here in Sg, when we talked about running shoes (trail or otherwise), it is the usual big 4; Nike, Adidas, NB and Ascis. For trail, most runners goes for Solomon, Adidas, New Balance and North Face (if they do wear trail shoes) in the first place.rail

Here are 3 of these new shoes which we may get to try out in Sg one day in the future if we are lucky.

1. K-Swiss Blade-Max Trail

More renowned for their running shoes, K-Swiss has come up with a very mean looking trail shoes.  This should most likely make it to our shores by mid August. Look out for it at the K-Swiss shop at Marina Square and all Running Lab outlets. Read the review in the Singapore's Edition of Menshealth.

2. La Sportiva Vertical K

La Sportiva is more well known for their mountain climbing shoes but it has come out with a minimalist mountain running shoe that looks pretty cool. Read the review here.

3. Inov-8

A close competitor to the 5-Fingers, the Inov-8 caters mainly for the barefoot running community. And it has come up with a range of very cool looking trail shoes. One of these shoes that appears to be quite popular with trail runners is the X-Talon 212 which was first released in 2008.

Not too sure whether this is available in Singapore although I think Inov-8 is distributed here.

Now this is the part where the purpose of this post is revealed and for me to be thick skin. So here goes. Hint hint to the shoe distributor out there. You guys got very nice looking shoes and it could be even nicer if somehow I can get hold of a pair of these shoes for a field test.  You reading this?

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