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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

How to Lose Weight the Cheapo Way - Part 4

In the earlier 3 posts (part 1, part 2, part 3) I talked about losing weight without going to those fancy slimming centre, eating expensive supplements or going on weird diet. I also mentioned that there is no need to do any real exercise. Weight loss, like most expert will tell you, is a simple method of less calorie in, more calorie burnt. But of course we know that it is not so simple as that. Firstly, most of us have no clue how much calorie is in each serving of food and it won't be an enjoyable experience if we have to count calories, although there are now apps available to make it easier, every time we eat something.

But back to the million ton question. Did what I advocate in the earlier posts work and most important of all without doing any real exercises? Coincidentally, due to my current injury, I have stopped all form of exercises for the past 10 weeks. I also don't do any housework other than walking the dog for 10 minutes every now and then. I still do some strength training at home but that is mainly static and non-aerobic. On top of that, this period coincide with the Lantern Festival, so I had my fair share of mooncakes. And there were a few occasions when I dined out with friends and families where we had buffets and seafood. And I continued to eat the way I suggested in post no 3. So how many kilos did I put on during this period?

As of today, 10 weeks after I stopped running, exactly 1.5kg! But I like to think that if there had not been so many feasting sessions this period, so many mooncakes, I would not have put on any weight at all.  But even with all these extra, it was only 1.5kg. So what I suggest may work.

Anyway, the thing is, while it is possible to lose weight strictly by controlling food intake, it is better to combine it with some sort of exercises be it running, cycling or brisk walking. Or even doing housework like moping, sweeping, vacuuming. Not only does it help to burns the calories but it will make one healthier and more fit.   

So in conclusion, eat wisely, do some exercises if you got the time, if not, do some housework. Most of those ladies I know who are always talking of themselves being fat or need to lose weight, believe me, you ladies are definitely not fat!  and if you are not fat, don't try to lose weight. 

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