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Monday, October 24, 2011

MacDonald Waterway Fun Run

The HDB celebrated the completion of the S$235m Punggol Waterway with a full day Fiesta. As part of the Fiesta, there was a 3.2km fun run sponsored by MacDonald Restaurant! So naturally, when we were asked whether we want to join in the fun, we gladly came along. After all, it is free!

The 4.2kmPunggol Waterway runs along the outskirt of Punggol and connects the Sungei  Punggol and Sungei Serangoon. So now it is possible to walk, run, blade, cycle all the way from Pasir Ris to Punggol end without having to cross major traffic junctions!

Back to the run. There was about 2000 participants which I could see was too many for the 2km wide pathway. But except for a few "heros", nobody else run. Everybody was walking and enjoying the beautifully cultured garden and waterway. Too bad about the hot sun though. Wondered why they can't leave some of the trees and have to cut down everyone of them and replant small saplings which does not provide any shade at all!
The start of the event. Nobody was running. 

Just one part of the waterway

Bridge over the waterway. And there are several crossing

The part of the waterway that extends to Sungei Seranggon.

Finally the end is in sight but we can't walk anymore cos everybody is queuing up for the goodie bag

The end point at last!

I reckoned the whole stretch from Old Tampines Road to the end here at Punggol Waterway and Punggol Point is about 10km one way and will be a wonderful stretch for runners staying in this part of Singapore looking to do long runs. No more need to go to East Coast Park!


  1. >> Wondered why they can't leave some of the
    >> trees and have to cut down everyone of them
    how true! and trees may takes as long as 30years to grow to it's full size

    i guess bulldozing the land flat makes work of landscape planner & designer so much easier *sighz*

    hope people are aware that these are part of our clean water resources, hopefully it will remain clean

  2. Already saw a few bottles floating inside the stream. Going to be an uphill battle keeping the place clean