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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Super Efficient

I am really impressed with the organiser of the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run. I have just received my race certificate in the mail just a little bit over 1 month after the event. In fact they are so efficient that I even got a certificate even though I didn't run the race!

I did signed up but didn't start. The bib was kept in my camera bag and I was outside the prison gate taking photograph. I didn't even went near the start line. Hmm okay that's why there is no Net time stated. But then again I also make sure I didn't cross under the finish line. I took care to walk along the side pavement. The super duper timing chip machine they used must have been so powerful that it somehow managed to capture my bib inside the bag. If only the TNF 100 organiser has used the same chip system than it wouldn't have so much problems!

So now I have an official slowest 10km run timing:( Hopefully the next time I do another 10km race, the timing will be better than this:)

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