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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tanjong Rhu/Gardens by the Bay East

Next week is the 2nd Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. I will not be doing it but just so that I can get a whiff of the excitement, I decided to run a teeny weeny portion of it. East Coast Park don't count so settled for the 2 km (I did say teeny weeny portion ok!) stretch along the new Gardens by the Bay East. 

Started off from East Coast Park Car park B1. The actual full marathon route takes one up the green metal bridge to Area A but since that is still closed off to public, we detoured and went via Fort Road/Tanjong Rhu.

We ran into Kampong Arang Road and hit the waterside. This was part of the route for this year Marina 21 (I think they could have done better if they have adopted my route today). Running along the riverside was great. It was partially sheltered from the heat by the trees and building along the side and we had a great run along the river bank. There were nice view of the buildings in front and on the opposite bank like this view of the Tanjong Rhu estates with all the condominiums in the background. 

Further down across the water, we can see the construction for the new Sports Hub. This area is going to be real hot in a few years time!

Once passed the condominiums, we were in the new Gardens by the Bay East, a big hot park, hot as in searing hot from the sun. The park like all other new parks in Singapore, does not come with big shady trees, just saplings which does not provide any shade at all! Also didn't notice any shelters and Singapore is one of the most lightning prone place in the world! I seriously wonder where all these people who design our parks come from. Don't they know the weather here is not great for outdoor strolling! The plus side is there is a nice wide asphalt path to run and walk on. The view on the other bank was gorgeous. And that distracted me enough to take my mind and body off the blazing hot sun.

Soon we reached the Marina Barrage. There was a gate between it and the Gardens by the Bay but it was opened and we ran through to cross the barrage. Behind the gate, other than the sea was more construction.

But on the other side, looking back where we came from, was more great view of the city skyline including the now iconic 3 main structures, the Marina Bay Sands, the Flyer and the Gardens by the Bay's Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. 

All in, a great place for a short run or a stroll, provided it isn't so damn hot!

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