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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Forward 2012

Just a few days left to 2011. Time to say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012.

What's there in store for me in 2012? I wish I have a crystal ball so that I will know. But unfortunately, that is something I don't have and so I will again have to make do with some pathetic dreaming.

Races - Definitely low on the agenda. Probably not going to sign up for more than 4. Top of the list still is to do the TNF 100 Duo and try and better my 2010 timing. That is unfinished business and the only time target I will set for any race. Okay, maybe at this point in time. Meanwhile, already signed up for 1 race in April which means 2 more to go. Something new and hopefully fun. Still no intention to run a full marathon but that can change if an attractive one comes along at the right time, right place.

Running - Definitely less. Currently mileage averages 30km a week. Don't see myself exceeding that. Will be looking to do more easy and enjoyable runs rather than gruelling training sessions. With age catching up and constant injuries, it is better for me to take things easy. In line with this, will wind down my involvement with group runs and other organised events.  Will continue to run trails once the wet season is over. But will do it for myself and friends and not for any organisations. So no official tie up. 

Injuries - Hopefully no more. But with my love to tinker around with running gaits and experiment with different shoes, this might be a pipe dream. But touch wood, with reduced running, hopefully will not be plagued with any thing major.

New Activities - Maybe try something new. Like Tai-chi. Ha ha, don't choke. I am going into the half century mark soon. Tai Chi will fit in nicely with the age group. Then can combine and come up with Chi-running. Sound good? What? Somebody has already invented Chi-running? Oh well........

Volunteer - Not going to sign up as volunteer anymore. But will definitely chip in if asked directly. So anybody organising races or events and need my help, feel free to give me a shout.

Okay that's it. A simpler, easier 2012 for me. Hopefully. 

Here's wishing all friends and readers a blessed, healthy, fun filled and prosperous 2012.


  1. 2XU run in april? and bro, if your age is catching up already, I'm way busted past the 30+ barrier. got to slow down for me when we do the MR together in future. I joined my friend that time and his pace killed me. You may know him too. Sky61 on sgrunners too.

  2. Hi there, thanks for dropping by, Yes I do know Sky61. You just past 30. Me hitting the big 50! How can you possibly be slower than me?