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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

10 Things that Get Me Pissed

Don't you just hate it when you are running and

1. You get nasty cigarette smoke wafting into the nose - why go to the park for fresh air and spoil it all by smoking all those cigarette?
2. Ang Moh cyclists who think they are doing the Tour de France charged down the path cursing and screaming at you to get out of their way
3. Group of cyclists/pedestrians/runners who ride/walk/run across the whole path forcing you to go onto the grass verge
4. Parents and people who allow their toddlers and dogs to run all over the path without looking left or right and forcing you to take evasive actions to avoid knocking into them
5. Runners who spit or throw their balance water without checking whether there is anybody behind or next to them and getting the spit and water onto you
6. Cyclists who comes up behind you and expect you to jump out of the way for them
7. Cyclists who ride illegally, like across overhead bridge, failing to stop at pedestrian crossing and still scold you for blocking their way
8. The sight of isotonic bottles, cans, gel packages lying along the paths or trails, obviously left behind by fellow runners/cyclists giving runners/cyclists a bad name
9. Runners whom you do not know tailgate/draft you so close you can feel his breathe on your back
10. Runners who think they are God's gift to the running community and keep dishing out unwanted advises and "encouragement" when all you want is to be left alone to do your own run

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