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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Banana Relay 2012

Into its 5th edition and I still haven't got round to participating in it. But that didn't stop me from going all the way to Woodlands to kaypoh a bit. 

This year the number of participants were noticeably lesser probably because of the faraway location and also because there was another race, the Mizuno Mount Faber Hill race on the same day. The format of the race was the runners were randomly formed into group of 3 and has to run 3km each, with them holding a banana as a baton and passing it on to the next runner. The team with the fastest time win. Because of the random choosing of the runners in the group, some group ends up with 2 runners, some end up with all female runners or all male runners which means there was an unfair advantage for some of the team. Correct? Wrong. Because although the top team was a all male team, the all female teams also didn't do too badly with one of them coming in top 5 if I am not wrong. If I am not wrong, the 2 runner team also did well.

Anyway, the Admiralty Waterfront Park is quite hot with very little shade but of the 3 past relays that I attended before, this one got the best scenery with the Johore coastline in the back. 


There was even a medal presentation at the end of the race. Very special. I think all the participants enjoyed it very much. Pity the not so great response though. Hopefully we will see more people next year when it moves to a more convenient location.

More photo here

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