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Friday, December 07, 2012


The marathon is almost a week old. Maybe this comes a bit late but still it's worth a read I hope since there always a race round the corner.

Here are my secret weapons for a quick recovery:

1. Stretch immediately after the race
2. Take a cold shower as soon as possible after the race
3. Eat a good meal. For a good cheap local recovery drink - go for teh halia yes ginger tea
4. I like to put an ice pack on my knees and lie down with my legs raised up against the wall
45 Have a nap in the afternoon after the race

These are the standard prescribed advices from the pro: Chow Chug Chill

Running Times Hydration, Powernap, hydrotherapy, Instead of forcing out potentially helpful inflammation, aid your body in flushing out superfluous inflammation. Drink plenty of water, elevate your legs above your heart for a few minutes whenever you get a chance, take an ice bath and consume more anti-inflammatory foods. Whole grains, healthy fats from avocados and nuts, beans, leafy greens, and wild-caught fish promote an anti-inflammatory response in the body, but don't prevent local, potentially beneficial, reactionary inflammation.

Yahoo Sports Food, liquid, dry clothes, swimming, light exercise, light stretch, recovery run, sleep, cold bath

Quite similar right? And at minimum cost

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