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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012

This year unlike the past 2 years when I was not in town for this event, I am in Singapore. But like the past few years, I choose to skip this again and instead when down to snap some pictures.

Initial feel while walking on the Padang was that the organisation has improved. There were plenty of freebies available for the runners and supporters. However, one observation was the the free drinks were inside the runners finishing bay and not available to supporters. Security was tight, too tight in fact and the boorish and rude security personnel made it worse. I seriously wonder what they fear? They should take a leaf out of the Newton Challenge or even the Brooks Run Happy to see how to organise a party for runners and supporters.

This year the race again starts from 3 locations to reduce the jam but unfortunately they didn't plan for the finish leg which was again a big jam starting from the Sheares Bridge. With a total of about 53000 participants, something should be done to alleviate this situation which crops up year after year. Me think the least they should do is to cap the 10k numbers. According to the figures released, there were 17,000 full marathon participants, 10000 half, 20000 10k and 3500 Ekiden runners. 

This is billed as the Singapore Marathon so why are there so many 10k runners? Surely there are enough 10k race in Singapore to satisfy those who want to run the shorter distance and not clog up the route in such a major race. I was about 200 metres from the finish line and 3 hours after the 10k were flagged off at 7.15am, there were still plenty of them struggling to reach the finish line or worse walking hand in hand. Surely there is a better time to go on a date than this! 

There is a front page report in Sunday Times that the race may be split into 2 days when the Sports Hub is open in 2014. Hopefully that will come true and make it a pure 'marathon" for a better experience for the runners.

Anyway, this race marks the appearance of many "super heros" other than Catwoman and Spiderman/ Catwoman was missing this year but instead there were



Zorro not exactly a super hero but a hero nevertheless

And this group of Spidey, Hulk, Thor from the Avengers

This year event also appear to have more runners using this to promote their cause be it physical disability, Lynas or using it to raise funds for charity.

Participants in the wheelchair category

The visually handicap running with a sighted partner. Spotted at least 5 pairs of them

 And this gentleman from Malaysia bringing his anti-Lynas protest all the way here

Overall based on what I heard, the event organisation has improved tremendously. Now the next thing for them to do is to find a way to manage the crowd and make it a truly gold class experience for the runners.

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  1. Sadly, they did not split the race in 2014, and disorganization was rampant. It was my first SC race in Singapore and I'll never do it again.