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Monday, February 25, 2013

Venus Run - Running Shots Photo Contest

2 years ago, the sidekick participated in the first Venus Run at Bedok Reservoir. I was there too and from the expression on all the ladies face, it was an unanimous consensus that they enjoyed the run. Unfortunately, for some reason, it was cancelled last year but it is back this year at a new location, the Marina Barrage. More details can be found here

Running Shots has been appointed the official photographer for the Venus Run and in conjunction with this, Running Shots will be holding its first ever photo contest. 

 Ladies, sign up for the race, come dress in your most outrageous, funky, sexy or creative attires. Get 'shot' by Running Shots and be voted our "Princess of the Run" and stand to win one of the 3 prizes on offer.
So ladies, this is one race where you can win a prize without having to run too fast and trying to get podium. So quickly sign up now. Registration closes very very soon in face on 28 February 2013. Don't wait any longer!

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