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Friday, September 01, 2006

Post Operation

29 August 2006

9.30 am Checked myself into CGH. Feeling very hungry. No food since 11pm the previous day. Operation is schedule for between 9.30 am to 12.30 am. Stayed in the ward waiting for my turn. Getting hungrier and hungrier and also thirsty.

12.30 pm The guy next to me got his lunch. Where's mine?

12.45 pm Finanlly! they came and pushed me to the operating theatre. Must lie on the stupid bed and get pushed down by the amah. Why can't they let me walk by myself?

1.00 pm. Told Dr Chang I am dead hungry. He said he already pushed me up by 1 patient.

1.15 pm The anesthesist asked me to breath in oxygen and than I zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4.00 pm Woke up to see Dr Chang standing over me. He flashed some photos and started explaining what he had done for me. Too groggy to understand what the hell he's talking about. Than he gave me a small bottle. Fluid from the knees

4.45 pm Pushed back to the ward. Now damn hungry. I could eat a bear!. The Mrs is waiting for me. Took a sip of water and promptly threw up. What happened? The good old Doc conveniently didn't tell me that due to the effect of the anesthesia, I wouldn't be able to eat for some time.

5.30 pm They put a CPM on the bed and put my leg inside. It's supposed to stimulate movement but it's so damn uncomfortable. I can't turn with it and can only sleep on my back.

6.00 pm Dinner came at last - now I can eat! Took a bit of the kiwifruit and threw up again. Sigh. There goes dinner. The plate of pasta is untouched.

6.30 pm Had a surprise visit from Aileen, Bey and Yee Mun. Got me a nice flower basket with 3 bears.

7.45 pm Decided to eat the papaya left over from dinner. Stil no go. This is a PB for me - no food for more than 12 hours.

8.15 pm Needed to pee. Nurse said cannot get off the bed and handed me a bottle. Er how to pee lying down on the bed with 1 leg sliding up and down? Er with much difficulty and fear. Luckily in the end never spill anything on the bed.

30 August 2006

8.00 am. Breakfast and at last stomach is okay. Wolfed down the hard bun and the three small pieces of sausages.

9.00 am The doc came said I can be discharged yipee but need to remain on crutches for 6 weeks? omg! That long. I expecting only 2 days on crutches.

9.15 am The nurse came and changed the dressing. Finally saw the cuts. It's only 3 small holes.

11 pm Got some practice on using the crutches.

2.00 pm Discharged and home sweet home.

Never realised how difficult it is to be a handicapp until you loose the use of one limp. It's so difficult to walk. But at least now I can go to the toilet and pee! It's is so difficult everything got to depend on someone to do for you. The pain has finally set in after being absence for the past days. Not allowed to bend my leg more than 30 degrees so cannot get the chance to even twist it a little to alleviate the stiffness and pain. What did I got myself into?


  1. hang on in there, tekko! and u will get well real soon!

  2. take a rest, and meanwhile catch up on some reading like Chi running, and RunnersWorld Mags :))

    To a speedy recovery for u!


  3. hope to catch up with you on the run soon.

    stay cheerful...;)