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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Botanic Garden

The haze has disappeared. Went down to BG to meet the sgrunners. Had arranged for Jo from the Osteopathic Pain Relief Centre to come down to do individual gait analysis for the runners.

There were all in about 15 runners including Ripley formerly known as Kelly who was not running and Axe whom I meeting for the first time. The turnout was smaller than expected - probably due to concern over the haze. Nevertheless, the session which started at about 9.30 am took over an hour as Jo and William did very detailed analysis for the runners.

The 2 fellas did examination of their foot, walking and running techniques and even a little crunching here and there. At the end of the session, they recommended correcting runing postures etc. I do realised each person has their own individual running styles and it may not be possible to adjust or make changes to the running styles without affecting the speed but still I sincerely hope everybody will have learnt something about their running and benefited from it.

1 comment:

  1. the gait analysis session was very helpful!

    thanks for inviting the OPRC folks down!