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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Botanic Garden Run

Joined the sgrunners for the monthly BG run. This is the 2nd time, the first being quite a long time ago when the VRP girls was there to give a short talk on vitamins. Today turnout was smaller than the last round maybe because the distance to be run was too short?

Anyway, Brokie led the run which was supposed to be for 10km. Decided that I didn't want to push it and will run a shorter distance of maybe 8km. Me, M and Terence kept pace with the pack until the Orchid garden where we stopped for a toilet break and lost the pack. So the three of us ran on to the main gate and while waiting for the light to change, the rest came. Apparanently, they had taken a wrong turn and ran a longer distance in the garden. Since we were now together, decided to just continue and so from there we crossed to the former CMPB before turning into Ridley Park and finally Tanglin Rd. At Ridley Park, everybody attention was centred on No 2 where there was a row of luxury sports cars mostly Ferraris and also a Pagani Zonda! By the way, that house belongs to Mr Tommie Goh, former founder of JIT.

Cars are for sitting, legs are for running so we continued running down Tanglin Rd to Nassim Hill and finally back to Cluny Road. Estimated distance for me is about 9km - the longest run in term of timing and distance since coming back.

Back at the track Sebastian gave a demo on brisk walking. I liked the way he gelek but this one not easy. Brokie practised ernestly - she doing some competition in March. Unfortunately, had to rush back and couldn't join the rest for makan.

I enjoyed the run. Felt good - no pain, no tightness. Maybe will push for 10k the next round.

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  1. nice .. missed out on the bg run maybe the next time. Anyway the swim lesson u can call alex tung 96790976 . We already did more then 1 month u can check with him the next schedule