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Friday, February 16, 2007

Thursday Run

Took leave today. Original plan was to sleep in after sending the kids to school, go do last minute new year shopping and go Running Lab run in the night.

Than Mum sprung a last minute surprise by informing the cleaning lady coming at 7.30am instead of on Friday. There goes the sleeping.

So after dropping off the kids, we went over to East Coast Park for a run. Ran from Area C to Area A and back covering a approximate distance of 9.5km. Area C:1780km Area B:2130 according to the distance marker on the floor and Area A my aggraration is 750 m. Took slightly over 1 hour which work out to about 7min pace. So far the longest run in term of distance and timing.

After that it was non-stop makan - breakfast at CMC; Hill St char kway teow for lunch; cookies esp pineapple tarts sampling at Taka; Moochi tasting at Chinatown.... all sinfully delicious!

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