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Friday, February 02, 2007

You still dare to run?

Interesting. Yesterday at the office while getting ready to go for the RL run, a few kind colleagues expressed shock when they saw me in my running gears. Questions started flying - you still dare to run?; why are you still running? you better don't run otherwise you injure yourself again? To those that I am closer to, I explained that that was the whole point of me going under the knife - so that I can run again. To the others, I just smile at them.

And that is precisely the point - if I don't want to run again, I wouldn't even need to go for the operation. But I can't blame them. They are not sports inclined. Probably the only sports they do now are 'bedminton' or 'pocket billard'.

On the other hand, running friends have been asking when I will go running with them or how soon I am going to race. Again, my answer is - all in good time. My current motto is 'More haste less speed'. So I am inching forward slowly km by km, min by min. No rush moving on only when I am confident and there is no pain.

Since December, I have moved on from 2km to the current 6 - 7 km at 7 - 8 min pace. The target is 10km by end March so I am slightly ahead of target at this point in time. If everything is okay - than will value-add to the target - maybe 10km under 60 mins.

1 comment:

  1. u r looking good to go for further distance leow.

    i c u at JP Run...:)