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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kayoko Fukushi

A lot of people admired Kayoko Fukushi for picking herself up and continuing running with an injured leg and falling down several time. She looked like suffering from dehydration or is it 'hypoglycemia'. While like the rest I admired her too for her guts and determination, at her level - is she doing more damage to herself and setting a bad example to all the marathon wannabes?

Surely, when she know her chance of winning is blown, she should just quit and come back to compete another day just like Paula Radcliffe did at the Olympics rather than continue. She could suffer permanent injuries or worse still kill herself in the process!

Like a wise man once said - there is always another race!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Oto Flabelos

I have always see those so called health equipment by Osim, Oto, Ogawa 'no up' believing them to be more hype and sound. Then the MC decided to install an Oto Flabelos in the gym. The machine is suppose to tone and strengthened the whole body and by standing on the platform in various position, it is supposed to be able to target different part of the body.

Of course, being the kaypoh that I am, die die must try and I hooked! Once the darn thing start going and you feel all the loose fat start shaking like a wobbly piece of ter-kar, the sensation - it so hard to describe. Only one word - shiok. Feel like standng on some sort of like a vertical massage chair.

As to whether it actually helps people to loose weight, the verdict is still out although I doubt it will.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CBD 2nd Anniversary Run

Joined the sgrunners' CBD 2nd anniversary run. This is probably the 2nd time I joined the run in the past 12 months. Tonight we did a short run to Marina South and returned for the feasting:)

Thanks to LT and Tiwazz's hard work and effort, the CBD run has grown into the biggest sg related run attracting runners from around the area and spin off runners from RL. LT has been hard at work training the runners in the run up to the SCSM last year doing intervals, running up Mt Faber etc.

I wish I can join them more often but I can only afford to spend 1 weekday night out a week. Got to spend more time at work with the family.

Anyway, happy 2nd anniversary CDB runners!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Oscar Pistorius

As expected, the verdict is out on blade runner Oscar Pistorius - they have barred him from competing in the Olympics if he can in the first place qualifies for it. Reasons are: Without legs, he won't get lactic acid and that plus his special legs, shoe or blade or whatever people choose to call him will give him a slight advantage over the other runners. His carbon fibre “cheetah” prosthetics leg is deemed to give him "clear mechanical advantage" over able bodied runner. The full IAAF report here.

Actually, I think what they are trying to say is Oscar Pistorius can run in the Olympics but without the blade. So maybe if he is as talented as made out to be (so far he has not actually breached the Olympics qualifying time yet), he should start looking for a normal prosthetics leg (without the blade) and make his dream come true.

Meanwhile, I wonder what the IAAF has to fear. if it is as easy as just having a special legs, everybody can qualify for the Olympics by wearing some special design shoe (like the kangoo maybe?)

Running (like any other sports) is not just about having a good pair of legs. It is also about stamina, power, strength, hard work, many hours of practice, talent and above all passion without which no matter how much money one spend on high tech aid or drugs/supplements, its never gonna propel a nobody into a somebody.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Natural Born Runner

Met a neighbour at the gym. Knew that he ran in the full marathon so as usual, kaypohed and asked him how he did. The conversation goes something like this:

Me: So how did you do?
Him: Okay. Finished about 4hrs 32mins.
(Me - Surprised since I was faster than him for the Army half)

Me: Wow solid man - so how long was your longest run?
Him: The Army Half lor. The one we went down together.
(Me - mouth open wide in bigger surprise)

Me: Er how about mileage? What sort of runs you did?
Him: Aiyah you know me. Where got time to run. Just the weekly sessions in the gym.
(Me - jaw dropped - the gym got a 30 mins limit on the dreadmill and he is a banker in a angmoh bank so only see him about twice a week in the gym)

Me: Your base must be very solid. U must have been running since young
Him: Actually only started running 7 years ago.
(Me -jaw dropped to the floor. He is the same age as me)

So what does this mean? After my first FM in 2004, the shifus and master told me my weekly mileage of 40km was not enough. All the literature on running also advised weekly mileage of at least 50 - 60 km with progressive long run of up to 30 km.

Am I missing something or there is really such thing as natural born runner?

Anyway, well done my neighbour.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Asics 2120 Review

Took the 2120 for a short run. Second time wearing it since bought it in late November. First run was a 10km run at East Coast with the Sole footbed. It was roomy and feel good although a bit stiff (probably due to the rigid footbed). Of course, being a stability shoe, it is slightly on the heavy side but nevertheless, the shoe felt good.

This second run was for an even shorter run but this time took out the footbed and replace it with a normal Scholl insole and the orthotics insole. Straight away can feel the difference - very hard and almost like no cushioning. But somehow, when start running, there was no discomfort and no jarring impact. I think I going to enjoy wearing this shoe.

May be new shoe, nice weather, short distance but I ended up doing this route in the fastest time ever.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The North Face 100

Got this email from the Running Lab. Supposed to help publicise it so here goes:

"The North Face 100 is a challenging ultra marathon race that brings the best cross country runners over a variety of terrain, including hardpack, mud, rooted, water crossing, tarmac and park connectors.

Race format will be done in teams of 2, with each of the team member doing their individual 50km run, to add up to a 100km challenge.

You must be an experienced trail runner to attempt this race. There will be several checkpoints along the way but this is a race with minimal support. It’s just you and the environment.

The winner will be automatically entered into The North Face Asia Challenge to be held in Beijing on 19th & 20th October ’08, all expenses paid.

Race Date: Saturday, 10th May ‘08
Time: 7am
Start / Finish: MacRitchie trailhead
Route: Central Catchment area
No. Of Participants: 300
Entry Fees: $150 per team of 2
Prizes: Top 3 teams

Registration opens in late January with more details coming up soon! To be put in the mailing list, please send email with the subject heading “The North Face 100” to

Wow all expense paid trip to Beijing. But this type of race is beyond me. Think I will go and be volunteer

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Went back to the gym after a 1 month absence. Weighed myself. Surprise surprise - the weight has stayed put at 75 kg. Had thought it will go up considering that I have been eating and eating and hardly doing any running or any exercises since the marathon.

Been told by a friend who is a full time trainer that I need to put on some more weight so that I can have a bit more power for my running. Maybe this will be another target for this year.