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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kayoko Fukushi

A lot of people admired Kayoko Fukushi for picking herself up and continuing running with an injured leg and falling down several time. She looked like suffering from dehydration or is it 'hypoglycemia'. While like the rest I admired her too for her guts and determination, at her level - is she doing more damage to herself and setting a bad example to all the marathon wannabes?

Surely, when she know her chance of winning is blown, she should just quit and come back to compete another day just like Paula Radcliffe did at the Olympics rather than continue. She could suffer permanent injuries or worse still kill herself in the process!

Like a wise man once said - there is always another race!


  1. Good point about saving oneself for another race on another day. That is my mantra as well :)

    Perhaps she was trying to prove something to herself. She seemed quite oblivious to the crowd around her, even though she was smiling in the final lap. Maybe a "DNF" is something she cannot deal with. Or who knows, maybe she wanted to stop, but couldn't? Anyway, just random speculation on my part...

  2. I don't think she was even aware she was smiling. She looked so gone - I think on auto mode - that she is probably not even aware of what is going on. Her mind is probably telling her to just grin it, keep on going and finish the race!

  3. that's the typical character of the japanese athlete......strong minded and determined