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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Natural Born Runner

Met a neighbour at the gym. Knew that he ran in the full marathon so as usual, kaypohed and asked him how he did. The conversation goes something like this:

Me: So how did you do?
Him: Okay. Finished about 4hrs 32mins.
(Me - Surprised since I was faster than him for the Army half)

Me: Wow solid man - so how long was your longest run?
Him: The Army Half lor. The one we went down together.
(Me - mouth open wide in bigger surprise)

Me: Er how about mileage? What sort of runs you did?
Him: Aiyah you know me. Where got time to run. Just the weekly sessions in the gym.
(Me - jaw dropped - the gym got a 30 mins limit on the dreadmill and he is a banker in a angmoh bank so only see him about twice a week in the gym)

Me: Your base must be very solid. U must have been running since young
Him: Actually only started running 7 years ago.
(Me -jaw dropped to the floor. He is the same age as me)

So what does this mean? After my first FM in 2004, the shifus and master told me my weekly mileage of 40km was not enough. All the literature on running also advised weekly mileage of at least 50 - 60 km with progressive long run of up to 30 km.

Am I missing something or there is really such thing as natural born runner?

Anyway, well done my neighbour.


  1. Sometimes without the knowledge how a typical performance should be, the self belief can push a person to perform beyond expectations.

    So the more we think about how tough an event should be, the more we make ourselves believe it is tough.

  2. Isn't it obvious? The shifus and master have already pointed out that your weekly mileage of 40km was not enough.

    Go for at least 50-60 km with progressive long run of up to 30 km.

    Looking forward to you sub-4.30.