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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Asics 2120 Review

Took the 2120 for a short run. Second time wearing it since bought it in late November. First run was a 10km run at East Coast with the Sole footbed. It was roomy and feel good although a bit stiff (probably due to the rigid footbed). Of course, being a stability shoe, it is slightly on the heavy side but nevertheless, the shoe felt good.

This second run was for an even shorter run but this time took out the footbed and replace it with a normal Scholl insole and the orthotics insole. Straight away can feel the difference - very hard and almost like no cushioning. But somehow, when start running, there was no discomfort and no jarring impact. I think I going to enjoy wearing this shoe.

May be new shoe, nice weather, short distance but I ended up doing this route in the fastest time ever.

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