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Friday, January 18, 2008

Oscar Pistorius

As expected, the verdict is out on blade runner Oscar Pistorius - they have barred him from competing in the Olympics if he can in the first place qualifies for it. Reasons are: Without legs, he won't get lactic acid and that plus his special legs, shoe or blade or whatever people choose to call him will give him a slight advantage over the other runners. His carbon fibre “cheetah” prosthetics leg is deemed to give him "clear mechanical advantage" over able bodied runner. The full IAAF report here.

Actually, I think what they are trying to say is Oscar Pistorius can run in the Olympics but without the blade. So maybe if he is as talented as made out to be (so far he has not actually breached the Olympics qualifying time yet), he should start looking for a normal prosthetics leg (without the blade) and make his dream come true.

Meanwhile, I wonder what the IAAF has to fear. if it is as easy as just having a special legs, everybody can qualify for the Olympics by wearing some special design shoe (like the kangoo maybe?)

Running (like any other sports) is not just about having a good pair of legs. It is also about stamina, power, strength, hard work, many hours of practice, talent and above all passion without which no matter how much money one spend on high tech aid or drugs/supplements, its never gonna propel a nobody into a somebody.

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