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Friday, January 25, 2008

Oto Flabelos

I have always see those so called health equipment by Osim, Oto, Ogawa 'no up' believing them to be more hype and sound. Then the MC decided to install an Oto Flabelos in the gym. The machine is suppose to tone and strengthened the whole body and by standing on the platform in various position, it is supposed to be able to target different part of the body.

Of course, being the kaypoh that I am, die die must try and I hooked! Once the darn thing start going and you feel all the loose fat start shaking like a wobbly piece of ter-kar, the sensation - it so hard to describe. Only one word - shiok. Feel like standng on some sort of like a vertical massage chair.

As to whether it actually helps people to loose weight, the verdict is still out although I doubt it will.

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