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Friday, March 14, 2008

Shopping Time

Took the opportunity caused by the rain to go hunt for running singlet for the company.

This is an annual affair as every year there are new runners and I don't buy extra to keep. The first year in 2005, we had an 'OEM' Nike from China (ha ha!), 2006 I ordered from AGT which big boss complained got no brand so 2007 got New Balance. But than another company with many more runners wore the same attire and we with our puny 10 runners suddenly became part of some other company.

This year, have been to Velocity, saw a suitable NB and a Nike, went to Queensway - nothing there except lot of FBT which I think big boss won't like. Yesterday at Ngee Ann, saw a suitable Reebok. Today, eat snake went to Saucony at Kaki Bukit and saw not one, not two but three suitable singlets!

Suitable means must have my fav color which is also coincidentally our corporate color. Actually the corporate color is purple and orange but I can't imagine wearing a purple running attire. Come to think of it, I haven't seen one yet except for the Nike ladies!

So what will it be this year?

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