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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sightseeing Run

Woke up to the sound of rain. Siah have not been doing much running this 2 weeks and was really looking forward to this morning run. Decided to just go ahead. Picked up Ayin and Trencen and went off to Pierce.

Unfortunately, the rain got heavier as we went nearer our destination and to cap it off, a tree had fallen across Old Upp Thomson Road. A car appeared to have crashed into it as well. The road seem impassable even to those on foot. After checking that the motorist was okay, we uturn back almost ready to give up. Hopefully, no cyclists or other motorists will hit it.

Then Trencen proposed to go to Labrador so off we went. Halfway through, we changed mind again and ended up at Kent Ridge. The intention was to do the infamous NUS Hill route but later realised non of us know the actual route. Tried calling Wend88 but couldn't get her so instead we decided to just do a sightseeing run as 1) it was already getting late 2) both Trencen and Ayin had not run here before.

We started from the at Kent Ridge, up to the wooden bridge and down Pepys Hill. Lord almighty! there was another fallen tree right across the road. Hmmm seem like the trees are falling like dominoes all over. But no car has hit it:) Yet.
Managed to scrambled under the tree and continue down to Pasir Panjang Rd. From there to Labrador Park (Tremcen got his wish after all) and than on to Alexandra Road. Turned into Hyderabad Road and ran around the estate (Canterbury Rd, York Rd, Cornwall Road, Winchester Road) admiring the beautiful black and white. I first run here 2 years ago with sgrunners in the famous inaugural laksa run and it was nice revisiting the area. Supposed to go back to Kent Ridge via Queensway but we managed to spot a sight next to the Hort Park that pointed to Kent Ridge Park and took a short cut from there back. Yippee no need to run alone the road and cross the AYE! But this last part was tough as it was a mass of uphill zigzag paths but still a good challenge.
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So in the end I got my run though my poor running kakis had to bear with my slow speed but they got no choice. I was the tour guide for the day ha ha ha!

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