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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Secret of the Ironman

While bored and with nothing to do, browsed through the photos taken by friends at the recent Aviva Half Ironman. Something strike me - a common theme that ran through a number of contestants.
Take a good look. What do you see? No no I am not a pervert! I don't have any fetish for torso! Look closely. Look at the size of their tummy er sorry I means abs. Most of them look like they are like 3 - 4 months pregnant.

Sorry my friends if you recognise yourself in there. I mean no disrespect but is that where the extra reserve of energy come from? After all, its not called spare tyre for nothing - and spare tyre is as everybody knows, something pretty handy in hand when you get a flat which is what most participants will be feeling after the swim and bike.

Hmmm maybe I should emulate their example and get one of that proportion to give me more energy.


  1. the one in the blue swim suit with a gold nike logo.

    she is jeanette wong. i think..

    came in 5hour ++ she power leh..

    heng har, never take my 3 month pregnant pictures. keke

  2. Wow, you iden her from that tummy. *impressed*

  3. Heh, no names please. Later I kena whacked how? But she actually quite rounded but still super fit and strong.

  4. The fats will help in insulating against cold during swimming; I believe. anyway, goodbye to flat washboard tummies. Those are for people of less than 30yo.