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Saturday, September 20, 2008

TCM Round 2

Found a TCM practitioner near the office. Actually it is the mother of all TCM here - the TCM Orthopaedic Centre run by the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to the physician, they are teacher of TCM.

The lady physician assessed my leg. First thing she noticed was that it was swollen on both inner and outer ankle and silly me didn't even notice it. So it was worse than I thought. But the good news was no fracture, no dislocation. Bad news was it was going to take another 2 weeks to heal.

Anyway she did a tui na for me which felt so soothing - much better than the aggressive rubbing Ye Sifu did last week. When I informed her that I was self treating it with ice, she was shocked. According to her, ice is only good for immediately after injury and icing the injury more than 24 hours later does not help and in fact will make it worse. Not too sure what she was trying to explain to me with my limited understanding of mandarin and she with her accent:(

Interest different point of view from the Western medicine. Another thing that she advised was not to take 'cooling' fruit which she specifically indicated include banana, pineapple and watermelon - alamak and there I was actually increasing my intake of pineapple for the past weeks as I read that the bromelain in pineapple can help reduce swelling!

There was no charge for the consultation but the tui-na cost about $38 and the medicine (pills thank goodness - I don't think I can stomach brewed herbs) cost another $18. Plus another 2 piece of plaster. Not too ex. Let's hope this treatment works.


  1. its not different view point in western medicine lah; its true that ice should be applied very reguarly at first 24 hours just tat we believe its applicable up to 72 hrs. But no harm can icing be done to the injury site.

    Anything just come back Changi Sports Clinic loh.


  2. maybe I should try this mother of TCM...the medicine definitely cheaper than the EYS which can goes up to >$200

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