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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zoots Ultra TX-Run short

Got my first pair of compression tight. But not the 2XU, Skins or CW-X. Being cheapskate, waited until a good opportunity and got the Zoots Ultra TX-Run short. The darned thing not cheap - retailing at $119.00 but I got a good deal for it so finally decided to get one to find out whats all the hullabaloo about compression apparel is about.

According to the manufacturer's website: the Ultra TX-Run short is and [I quote:] "World’s first body-mapped tricot creates muscle-specific compression zones, improving support and circulation. FREEfinish creates a more comfortable hem and eliminates leg gripper. 8” (20.25cm) inseam. Reflective detailing. SeamLink stitch construction ensures next-to-skin comfort [unquote]

So what does all that means? Honestly, got no idea. Anyway, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so I dutifully worn it on my ill-fated Sunday run at Bedok Reservoir. Did it help to improve my running? Well, the first round I did 28:20 mins (according to my watch) which was like a PW but that would be because of my lack of fitness. The 2nd round I did 23:50mins which was more respectable but I think with or without the shorts, the outcome will be of no difference. Like some people love to say "Can swim can swim, cannot swim don't blame the swimming truck too big".

Okay back to the shorts. It looks chio enough. The material is made of Syncho TX (whatever that is) and well if you have a big buttock, it's not going to look good on you (fortunately I think mine not so big; buttock I mean, don't anyhow think think) and the material looks a little bit transparent especially against the light. Generally, it is more comfortable than my other normal running tights but unfortunately got no pockets so cannot keep gels, money or car keys. And the washing instruction said machine wash (yah) but no softener (duh) which means it's back to handwash (sheehs!)
And that's not me in the picture - just in case you thinking this pervert displaying himself in all its rising glory. The picture is lifted off the Zootsports' website okay. But er.. anybody can enlighten is that the way it should be worn?

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